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Address: BOTUN 33 A, 1060 SKOPJE, R. MACEDONIA                                                       Citizenship: Croatian and Macedonian

Tel: ++ 389 78 20 93 96                                                                                                   Date of Birth: 29/08/1980






My principal research interests lie in the field of organizational behavior and the impact of its variables on productivity efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. I am currently working on a paper on gender aspects of managerial decision making trying to find a difference in the decision making process of successful female to those of successful male managers. My future research plans are to develop models of knowledge retention as well as examining the dynamics of different demographics and its impacts on performance. I am also very interested in researching the need for adaptation of different leadership styles in correlation to the changing demographics in the human capital of an organization. At the same time, I am fascinated by organizational change and transformation especially the effects it has on informal communication.



2011-2012 Master of Science (MSc) Industrial Engineering and Management

                      Faculty for Mechanical Engineering, University Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia

Thesis: Creating Organizational Cultures that Forster Innovation


2009-                     PhD Candidate Gender Studies

                                Euro-Balkan Institute, Skopje, Macedonia


2006-2008            Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management

University American College Skopje (UACS), Skopje, Macedonia  

–          Master thesis: Study of Managerial Decision Making Practices – Differences in Decision Making Process for Profit and Non Profit Organizations

–          Supervisor: Professor Marjan Bojadziev, PhD – leading researcher in organizational behavior.

–          Partial funding awarded by the University American College Skopje.

–          Modules included: Advanced Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management, Corporate Governance, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Managerial Accounting, Operations Management, Portfolio Analysis, Advance IT Skills and Research, International Management and Globalization, Advanced Public Relations, IT Applications for Business.

–          graduated top of the class with a GPA of 3.81


2001-2003            Bachelor of Business Administration (BA) in International Business and Marketing

Bishop’s University, Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada

–          Modules included (among others): Organizational Behavior, Management Science, Interpersonal Skills, Management of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Change Management, Business Ethics, Training & Development, Competitiveness, Topics in Marketing, Business Policy & Strategic Management.

–          held a seminar on Sustainable Development and Competitiveness

–          graduated in the top 10% of 2003 graduating class


1999-2001            Completed first and second year of Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Business and Management

HES Amsterdam School of Business, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

–          completed first two years successfully before transferring to a BBA program at Bishops University

–          Modules included (among others): Market Research & Statistics, Business Structures, Business Economics, Marketing, Strategic Management, Foreign Direct Investment, European Law, Economics, Finance, Dutch, Business English,

–          in the top 5%


1997-1999            International Baccalaureate (IB)

                                Josip Broz Tito Highschool

–          Modules included: Mathematics (HL), English (HL), Macedonian (HL), Economic Geography (ML), Chemistry (ML), Art & Design (ML), Theory of Knowledge




–          “Corporate Strategies in a Downturn”, Conference Proceedings, Current Issues in Management, University of Latvia, Riga, 2011

–          “Shopping Guide for Rookie Parents” , Magor, Skopje, Sept. 2010

–          “Creating an Organizational Culture that Fosters Innovation”, GolbalHR Magazine, Skopje, May 2010

–           “Managerial Decision Making”, Conference Proceedings, 3rd Conference of Euro-integration, UACS, Skopje, 2009

–          “From Staffing to HRM”, GlobalHR Magazine, Skopje, February, 2009

–          “Quality Management” a reader, UACS, Skopje, December, 2008

–          Author of Chapters: Organizational Culture, Organizational Structure, in textbook“ Introduction to Management”, UACS, Skopje, October, 2008





2008 – Cur.          Lecturer and Researcher

Feb. –                    School of Business Administration, University American College Skopje

–          Preparing lectures, delivering lectures, preparing and administrating exams, grading papers and exams and doing research

–          Lecturer of Management (undergraduate first year course)

–          Lecturer of Management in Architecture (undergraduate first year course)

–          Lecturer of Organizational Behavior (MBA and undergraduate second year course)

–          Lecturer of Quality Management (undergraduate third year course)

–          All of the courses are taught in English and in Macedonian

–          Takes part in various research and consulting project

–          Academic advisor to students with low GPA





2011 –                    External Expert for Training and Research

                                Knowledge Center, Skopje, Macedonia

Holds training seminars and workshops for middle managers and also ones for recent graduates

Courses: Strategic Management, Organizational Change and Leadership and New Venture Creation


2009-                     External Expert in the field of human resource practices and strategy formulation

Petreski and Partners, Skopje, Macedonia

Tomato IP Consulting, Skopje, Macedonia


2004-2008Quality Officer

Nov -Jan              Makpetrol A.D. Skopje, Macedonia – oil distribution

–          Worked on implementing ISO9001 and ISO14001

–          Led internal audits of the standards

–          Worked on analysis that would pin point areas that needed improvement within the core processes

–          Wrote standard operating procedures

–          Organized the documentation of the organization according to ISO9001 requirements

–          Prepared analysis to follow the development of the quality standard and its functioning

–          Completed a customer satisfaction survey based on a representative national sample

2003-2004Marketing Assistant

May – Jan            Arts and Crafts Canada Calgary, Alberta Canada

–          Constructed a database of artists, crafters, art schools, galleries and trade shows

–          Contacted prospective clients and wrote and presented offers

–          Held marketing training to artists and crafters

–          Author of a monthly online newsletter for artists and crafters on how to be more successful in the sale of their creations





–          9th Eastern European eGov Days: eGovernment in Times of Economic Challenges, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 8-10 May, 2011.

–          Governance of Fear and Prosperity, 12th Bled Forum of Europe, Golf Hotel, Bled, Slovenia, 3-4 March 2011.

–          9th SEE Human Resource Management Arena,  Conference on Managing Human Potentials, Hotel Regent Esplanade, Zagreb, Croatia, 12th October, 2010.

–           “Ways to Lead, Motivate and Overcome Resistance to Change”, Fifth Annual Conference of EU Integration, University American College, Skopje, 30th May 2010.  

–          “Banking Sector in a Crisis – Solvency and Issues of Liquidity”, Fourth Annual Conference of EU Integration, University American College, Skopje, 30th May 2009.

–          “Managerial Perspective on eDemocracy Development”, Information Society and eDemocracy Conference, Hotel Holiday Inn, Belgrade, Serbia, 19th May, 2009.

–          “Designing and Implementing Successful Strategies for an Economic Downturn”, Current Issues in Management of Business and Society Development, University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia, 7-9 May, 2009.

–          “Investment Opportunities in R. Macedonia“, Culture in Knowledge Societies, 11th Bled Forum of Foresight Conference, Golf Hotel, Bled, Slovenia, 10-12 March 2009.

–          “Decision Making Practices of Macedonian Managers”, Third Annual Conference of EU Integration, University American College Skopje, Macedonia, 30th May 2008.





–          Academic Writing Seminar, Prof. Dona Kolar, Euro-Balkan Institute, Skopje, Macedonia, 10-19th February, 2011.

–          Strategic and Business Planning in Times of Crisis, Marcon Austria, Skopje, Macedonia, 16-18 October, 2009.

–          Technology Commercialization, Prof. Meg Wilson, University of Texas, Institute of Technology Commercialization, UACS, Skopje, Macedonia, 9th October, 2009.

–          Research Methodology, Euro-Balkan Institute, Skopje, Macedonia 2-10 October, 2009.

–          Implementation of the Bologna Process, Mr. Bob Johnson, European Council for Business Education, UACS, Skopje, Macedonia, 18th September, 2009.

–          Introduction to Regression Analysis, Prof. Thomas Gautschi and Prof. Roman Kuster, University of Bern, Ohrid, Macedonia, 22-24 June, 2009.

–          EBSCO Training, UACS, Skopje, Macedonia, 20th June, 2009.

–          Bled Foresight Training Seminar, Bled Forum, E-Governance Academy, 5th March, 2009.

–          Creating Learning Teams, University American College, Skopje, Macedonia, 12th January, 2009.

–          Team Building Seminar, UACS, Ohrid, Macedonia, 7-8 March, 2008.

–          Inco Terms Seminar, Macedonian Chamber, Skopje, Macedonia, April, 2007.

–          Internal Auditor Diploma for ISO9001/ISO14001, IQNet, Skopje, Macedonia, October, 2005.





Advanced knowledge of the Microsoft Office Package

Working knowledge of SPSS




Macedonian       Native

Croatian               Native

English                  Fluent spoken and written

German               Working knowledge

Dutch                    Basic knowledge





  1. Bratislav Stankovic, PhD, JD, MSc., Loyola Universiy of Chicago,
  2. Mirjana Todorovska – LLM International Business Law, LLM International Intellectual Property Law, University American College Skopje,






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